- A Bit about Me - Thursday, February 3, 2011

So hello everyone! My name is Kiyoko and you must be wondering what this blog is about. Here I'll be talking about dramas, whether it be Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or Taiwanese. I really like asian dramas really and I'll just write summaries and reviews. I'm a cosplayer so there are times when I can't watch them but it's definitely a lot of fun to do so. But anyways a bit about me!

Yes. I hardly have any normal pictures at the moment haha. XD But that is me as Jirachi from Pokemon. Anyways, here's a list of about me~ :D

• I like to cosplay like I mentioned before. It's fun and a great hobby that I have gotten into! :3
• Sweets are one of my favorite things and I usually eat a lot of them instead of one or two XD
•I am really small. ._. I stand at 5'2 and weigh at 100 lbs. A lot of my friends worry that one day I'll be carried off. Haha.
• I am 100% Korean but I choose my stage name to be Kiyoko. Why you ask? Just because. Haha.
• I'm usually on the computer for long periods of time. What else am I supposed to do when I have nothing to do?
• I absolutely love RPGs. Whether it's on a game system or as an MMO. I have too much fun on them and for those curious, the first MMO I played was Ragnarok Online.
•I used to be a Starcraft nerd haha.
• I ramble on occasion and I tend to be talkative. So pretty much I'm an outgoing person, friendly and all that. 
• I originally was born in Northridge, California and I moved to Vegas as I got older.
• I like to keep my age a secret! :3
• I don't necessarily follow fashions despite my family's opposition of the decision. I just don't like it. Though, I do tend to have random spouts of wants to do a bit of Japanese fashion like lolita, VK, and hime gyaru haha.
•I'm still quite the tomboy I was when I was in elementary school.
• I love fruits and vegetables. Strange right?
• Currently looking into getting a pastry arts degree, fashion, and some sort of animal studies degree :3

So that's pretty much all I can think about putting down so if you have any questions or anything, just comment below and I'd love to answer in any blog I can. :3


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Name: Kiyoko
Age: That is a secret :3
Nationality: 100% Full blooded Korean!
Hobbies: Cosplaying, singing, dancing, watching dramas, playing MMOs, drawing, designing, swimming, playing the piano and more. Lol
Likes: Sweets, chocolate, strawberry, cherries, strawberry milk, apples, fruits in general, animals.
Dislikes: Seafood ._.

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