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So a few years back, I had read Antique Bakery. And then a while later, I learned that there was a live action. I figured that I should watch it and I must say that I was surprised. Despite the slight changes in details, very much like the fact that Ono and Chikage aren't as intimate as one should be, I find the way that they change it quite entertaining. Especially since the look that Ono gives is actually in fact called The Look of Supposed Seduction. I do find all of the character interactions rather interesting. The way it opened up was quite played well as well. It was quite entertaining to just watch how everything was going to be played honestly.

This isn't something that you need to read the manga to understand what is going in the live action since they describe everything itself in the drama. The two have differences but that's what makes the fun of dramas right?All characters really were portrayed well and in fact, I was a bit surprised at a few things however. Such as Kim Jae Wook playing as Ono haha. In my mind, any straight man that plays as a gay character and can pull it off well is a good thing in my book. It was certainly more then interesting watch with every little plot turns that this drama had.

I personally love the manga and anime but the live action definitely took the cake. No pun intended of course. Another thing to mention is that while I watched these episodes, I felt I was getting fat. Everytime I watched, I always wanted to crave something and this usually put me and my friends going out a lot haha. Cakes, sweets, and all that were on my menu for eating and I think I had gained a few pounds. XD But in particular, I did regulate my diet after a while. This drama is good for those that love a bit of comedy in their dramas. It has a slight dark side but I think that this heads towards those that like a bit of comedy in their life. :3

Also please note that this is a review on the Korean version. I will get on to the Japanese version after watching and reviewing Secret Garden :3 I have gotten sucked into it haha.

(Taken from MySoju description)

As an heir to the family fortune, Jin-hyuk has money, the looks, the charm, everything except finding the love of his life. So he sets up a cake shop where women are sure to come. He hires Sun-woo, a talented patissier who had a crush on Jin-hyuk back in high school. Along with an ex-boxing champion Gi-beom and a clueless bodyguard Su-young, the four unique and handsome young men stir up the quiet neighborhood at their cake shop, Antique. Although seemingly careless and happy, each of the four men have unforgettable past that they are afraid to face, but their secrets slowly begin to unravel...

(From left to right)
Chikage Kobayakawa, Eiji Kanda, Keiichiro Tachibana, Yusuke Ono

Keiichiro Tachibana (Kim Jin Hyeok)

Owner of the bakery "Antique". Grandson of the wealthy director of a major financial group. Formerly a top-class businessman at a trading company, he suddenly quits his job to start up the bakery "Antique". Cryptically, he cares not one ounce for any sort of pastry, and his only opinion of sweets is "tastes like sugar". Although he was the victim of a kidnapping at the of nine, he retains no memory of the exact events of the ordeal. The perpetual stubble on his face is something he was not allowed in his days as a corporate businessman, and he treasures its presence as a symbol of "a man's aesthetic".

Yusuke Ono (Min Seon Woo)

Pastry chef at the bakery "Antique". Former high school classmates with Tachibana. Tachibana was the object of Ono's first confession of love, as well as his first rejection. When the two next meet again, Ono has overcome this painful past and blossomed into a "gay of demonic charm" who is able to seduce any man he wants. Although he possesses impeccable taste and technique as a pastry chef of genius, his personal allure is always the cause of romantic trouble in the workplace, and he is fired from store after store until he finally settles in at the bakery "Antique".

Chikage Kobayakawa (Nam Soo Yeong)
Because his mother was a live-in housekeeper at the Tachibana residence, Chikage has known Tachibana since childhood. Clumsy and a little slow on the uptake, he is something of a burden. At the request of Tachibana's concerned parents, he arrives at the bakery "Antique" to look after Tachibana. Because of his weak eyesight and nervousness, he is never without his sunglasses. Once his glasses are removed, his handsome looks captive Ono, and although nearly overpowered by the notorious "demonic charm", Chikage manages to remain innocent and oblivious - for the time being!

Eiji Kanda (Yang Ki Beom)
Assistant pastry chef at the bakery "Antique". Formerly a middle straw-weight world champion boxer of genius, he is forced to give up the ring when he is diagnosed as having detached retinas. Shortly thereafter, he encounters Ono's deviushly delicious "cake of all cakes" and becomes an apprentice patisser. Dating back to his days as a boxer, he possesses an insatiable love of pastries. An abandoned child as well as a former member of a biker gang. He has the most colorful past out of the four men, despite his young age of 21.


At February 7, 2011 at 2:15 PM, Blogger AyradtheBlogger said...

I saw a few episodes of this as an anime at the insistence of a friend. Maybe I'll give the live action a shot.


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